Our story begins and ends in the classroom. Stacy Morgan and Mae Coffman met as high school teachers more than a decade ago when they were working with at-risk students who displayed clear social-emotional-behavioral needs. They responded, as so many teachers do, with empathy, mentorship and personal interaction that can often only be achieved in the classroom.  

The lessons they learned formed the foundation for Emergent Tree’s approach to behavioral instruction. It wasn’t until they became district administrators that they realized what it would take to equip every teacher with the confidence and competence needed to address the social, emotional and behavioral needs of every student. Together, Stacy and Mae worked to implement a systemic approach to multi-tiered behavior support in their district. Their program turned behavior management into behavioral instruction and resulted in improved behavioral outcomes throughout the district. Now, Emergent Tree helps districts from all over implement these same social-emotional-behavioral strategies. 

Over the last 10 years, Emergent Tree has grown to serve hundreds of schools in over 50 districts in Texas. All consultants at Emergent Tree are former educators with both classroom and leadership-level experience, giving them the insight into the enablers and barriers of all stakeholders. Emergent Tree continues to arm administrators with the skills to support teachers, setting up teachers to do what they do best: Teach!  

We believe that effective solutions at every layer of the education system require boots-on-the-ground, first-hand insight into the challenges that teachers and administrators face. The philosophy of “by teachers for teachers” has guided our approach to building a team that educators can rely on to meet their unique needs. Every Emergent Tree coach has been a teacher, earned a master’s degree in education and has held a leadership position at the campus or district level. This combination of leadership roles and advanced education gives every Emergent Tree employee the insight needed to help educators solve their problems and transform classrooms into thriving communities, both individually and at scale. 

We also realize that every classroom, campus and district has its own unique needs, and that no single solution or program is a universal fit. That’s why, in every engagement with an educator or administrator, we handpick the Emergent Coach best-suited to address their specific challenges through customized programs and frameworks based on factors like location, size, history and more.

Our Beliefs

Build Capacity

Teachers are the foundation to growing a better world. When they feel confident and competent in the classroom, everyone wins. From students to administrators to society as a whole, we succeed when teachers stay in the profession and instill social-emotional-behavioral intelligence in the next generation.

prioritize Equity

All students deserve to feel valued within our school buildings. We have a responsibility to build social, emotional, and behavioral systems that support students from all cultures, backgrounds and lived experiences. We believe in addressing disproportionality through a critical examination of current systems and implementation of more equitable and unbiased practices. When student, staff and community voices are included and amplified at the table, behavioral systems are enhanced and success elevated for all students.

Systemic Design

We believe in systemic thinking. Pitting discipline against motivation benefits no one. We balance and complete the behavior toolset to facilitate success in classrooms, schools and districts. We meet educators where they are to leverage strengths, augment gaps and inspire growth.

Instructional Approach

We believe in achievable steps-to-benefit. We work hard to make behavioral science insights workable for real teachers facing real challenges in real-world classrooms.

Technology to Enhance practice

We believe in driving innovation to serve our mission. We’re not a tech company obsessed with shiny new things. We care about empowering teachers and inspiring students.

Educator Perspective

We are a company of educators. We strive to serve stakeholder needs while respecting their time, fitting into existing routines and addressing real concerns. Every teacher is unique. The solutions to help them should be, too.

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